I happened upon this site a little over a year ago. It’s quite the gem. They have a large selection of CDs to choose from, including the most recent releases. When you buy a CD from them, you typically have the option of getting a poster with it for an extra dollar or two (it costs more if you want it unfolded and in a tube than if you just want it folded). This is a much better deal than YesAsia runs! I believe that you can find similar deals on eBay, but I just go to Kpoptown because it’s more convenient for me personally…

A quick rundown of why I like Kpoptown:

  • The CD+poster bundle is a good deal
  • Items are always packaged well
  • Prices are equal to or often less than those of other places
  • Don’t have to pay for EMS shipping (which is typical of many Korean sites that ship internationally)
  • Customer service is excellent
  • Fairly wide selection of goods to choose from

Aside from CDs, Kpoptown offers a variety of artist collectibles, jewelry, and fashion pieces. I purchased one of the SHNee Maypole graphic tees (Happy Holiday) a while back and it is quite nice. Kpoptown’s price seemed to be in line with those of other online retailers. (Actually, not many online stores were selling them at the time!) I also purchased three rings and a necklace from Kpoptown, all of which were exactly the same as pictured on their website. The prices are not at all bad, and they come well packaged in cute boxes.

Infinite 화이팅!

One thing that I absolutely love about Kpoptown is how great their customer service is! There were a couple of items that went out of stock right before I saved up enough money to buy them (one of them was the SHINee Maypole graphic tee), which made me disappointed. I emailed Kpoptown, asking if they had any intention of restocking the items, and they responded shortly thereafter saying that they had received more of the items I had inquired about. There was another time that I emailed them about making it possible for customers to review items on their website. This feature was implemented (and they thanked me for my suggestion), but it seems that it has since been disabled.

I highly recommend Kpoptown. (Read: it’s a legitimate, trustworthy site!) I’ve ordered from them five times already and have never been disappointed by the products I’ve received. They also come quite quickly. The nice thing about Kpoptown and shipping is that, while they do not offer free shipping for purchasing a certain amount, you’re not forced to pay the crazy EMS rates that many other stores from Korea charge. They also offer some products that might be harder to find, such as certain skin products or even animal pajamas that don’t cost $80+…

I do have one suggestion for Kpoptown, though: add more pictures of your products. While sites often do not have more than one picture of a CD, it’s often hard to decide whether or not to buy something like a t-shirt just based on a picture of a model or a celebrity wearing it. Also, it would be nice to know what the poster you’ll be getting with your CD looks like before you decide to pay extra for it or not.

Below are some additional pictures of items I’ve received from Kpoptown^^

Dongwoo style cat ring^^


2 responses to “Kpoptown

  1. I have one question:
    I ordered from this site one album a long time ago. It arrived in an envelope with no custom office paper (the one where they have to claim the price).
    I would like to purchase a big hoodie so they would have to ship it to me in a BOX. Will they claim the price for the custom office on it? I mean do they do it with boxes?
    Maybe my question is confusing. I would be glad if you could help me.

    • Hi, sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner about this; I haven’t been using this blog for a few months now (but I plan on starting it up again, at least for the summer!). Anyway, I’m not sure what they’ll do, but I’ve never had any problems with ordering things from there, whether they came in boxes, poster tubes, or envelopes. Hope that helps you a bit!

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